Finnish Reality TV Episode Airs Starring Laura Schwartz

Finnish Reality TV Episode Airs Starring Laura Schwartz

November 2, 2015

CONTACT: Ashley Brooks

Finnish Reality TV Episode Airs Starring Laura Schwartz
Suomen Täydelliset Venäläisnaiset episode celebrates empowerment
of Russian women in Finland



HELSINKI, FINLAND – Last month, the episode Laura Schwartz filmed with Russian business magnate Valeria Hirvonen for the TV program Suomen Täydelliset Venäläisnaiset aired on the Liv TV network. This is a television show in Finland that focuses on Russian women who have had to rebuild their lives in one form or another.

Laura was asked to appear with Valeria, the owner of the Finlandia Caviar House, to discuss her struggles and triumphs. In addition to the Caviar House, Valeria owns a luxury store selling caviar, oysters and champagne, as well as a chain of shops along Helsinki’s eastern seaboard. This was filmed during one of Laura’s two trips to Finland to speak this year in association with Evento Magazine and the Finnish version of her book, Eat, Drink & Succeed.

Valeria’s steely resolve as a businesswoman and single mother profoundly impacted Laura during their lunchtime session. Laura is glad that Valeria’s story can be shared with audiences around the world, inspiring women to stay strong in their convictions and goals, in both the personal and professional senses.

The video can be viewed here or by watching the clip above; Laura’s segment starts right at the beginning!

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