A brief insight from my personal life at the White House

As many of you know, I was impacted in many ways as a witness to history during the Clinton Administration. But, I was just as much consumed with lessons from the past.

The paintings of former president’s that are hung throughout the State Floor whether in the Grand Foyer, Like John F. Kennedy, the Green, Red, Blue or State Dining and East Rooms – each painting represented not just a “person” or a “president” but to me rather they each represented a time, a hope, progress or a set back, war and peace.

It is the painting of John F. Kennedy that affected me most and to be honest I believe President Clinton too. I always noticed when he would walk past the image of JFK, who is painted with his head facing down as if looking from the Heavens above, Clinton took time to look and even if for a split second, take in the gravity of the presidential shoes in which he walked.

Please take a moment to watch this video by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum that is a part of their commemoration of what would be JFK’s 100th Birthday this May, 2018. With almost 1Million views you may have already seen this, or, take time to watch it again to see what the images, moments and words represent beyond history and what they mean to our collective present and to all of our futures. Thank You, Laura