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Eat, Drink & Stay Connected


I’m Laura Schwartz. Usually, my name is associated with words like, “Professional Emcee, Keynote Speaker, Author and Television Commentator.” But today, I’m just a girl who is concerned about her family and community; a new wife who wants to keep her family safe; a daughter who worries about her parents; a sibling who calls her sister five times a day and a friend who reaches out to cousins, friends and colleagues just to check on them … to hear their voices, if only for a moment, … to feel closer … to feel connected.

My heart goes out to all who have been affected by this unprecedented event ­— let’s face it, that is all of us.  And, thank you to the first responders, healthcare workers, government employees and all on the front line of this epidemic around the world. I am overwhelmed by the enduring spirit of community that has inspired neighbors to help neighbors when they need it the most.

Positive, powerful and productive face-to-face networking is what I live, breathe, practice and speak about to audiences all over the world. I believe that no matter where you are, you never know when your next conversation may change your life or that of someone else.

Today, I am here with great positivity and determination to share the message that even in these “isolating” times you still are empowered to have that conversation that could change your life or that of someone else. Using social media and my website, I will be sharing tips, ideas and thoughtful ways to help you not only stay connected, but perhaps become even more connected to your families, colleagues and communities. Whether quarantined, working from home, teaching your children their lessons, recording a silly video or checking in on neighbors, the power of connection is more important than ever.

Even though we may feel like the walls between our condos and homes seem impenetrable, we can break through using technology, creative ideas and our voices. In the words of ’80s band ’Til Tuesday and their Top 10 hit “Voices Carry”: Your voice carries, your voice is powerful and we will all stay connected.