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Laura makes every participant feel a virtual connection to your message, mission and program.

Laura was practically born in front of a camera, and she grew up in her father’s award-winning photography studio, surrounded by lights and cameras. As a result, her virtual space feels like home, and she makes everyone watching feel the same way.

Prior to becoming White House Director of Events, she was the White House Director of Television where she created the connection between a President and the world by embracing technology and its ability to bring people together. She’s been in front of the camera as a television commentator since 2001, routinely looking into a single lens and addressing millions of viewers at a time, and making each person feel a connection at that moment.

She’ll do the same for you as an Emcee or Keynote at your next virtual program.

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READY: All of Laura’s emcee and keynote services are virtual ready and available to be delivered remotely with her same unforgettable on-stage enthusiasm, motivation and energy.

SET: Laura has you covered on all fronts. Her emcee services include pre-records, voice-overs, rehearsals, daily opens/closings, introductions, one-on-one interviews, panel moderation, town halls, q/a sessions, script collaboration, videos promoting the event and registration, and more. She’ll even keep your audience engaged during unexpected technical misfires!

GO: Choose your format and go live into any virtual platform: Pre-recorded Live to Tape for playback or Hybrid including two-way live communication.

Scalable studio options

HIGH-TECH, IN-HOUSE STUDIO Laura broadcasts from her 1000sq ft studio with 1GiG hardwired transmission, professional cameras (4K), audio (xlr w/mixers), lighting, teleprompter, backgrounds, green screen and can install set pieces and backgrounds from your production hub or use overlays to brand your event.

OFF-SITE CHICAGO PRODUCTION Laura uses two studios in Chicago with sound stages and technology for satellite transmission, fiber and crew including custom-built sets, LED walls for town halls and more.

ON LOCATION Laura will safely travel to your venue or central studio.


ON-AIR Laura’s been in front of the camera as an on-contract television commentator with major networks since 2001. She is a natural when it comes to creating unmatched excitement and engagement for the audience watching. Networks include: MSNBC, FNC, CBS and CNN. Today, she appears as a contributor to Australia’s Today Show, ITN and the BBC.

BROADCAST BACKGROUND Prior to serving as the White House Director of Events, Laura was the White House Director of Television, responsible for all live broadcast production, satellite media tours and interviews with the President of the United States. Laura is a seasoned pro and experienced with high-stakes productions and the technology behind them.


Laura successfully certified as a “Certified Virtual Speaker” in June 2020 with eSpeakers through the National Speaker Association, where she remains a long-time member in good standing.


Laura’s talent and command of the audience, as well as a well-presented keynote address made the show for all in attendance! I would highly recommend Laura as a keynote and emcee. I am proud to have worked with her and will leverage the fact that I know her in every circle I can!
Kevin Johnston, Director of Events, Collinson Media and Connect Marketplace
Former White House director of events Laura Schwartz brought an unrivaled level of enthusiasm, energy and expertise to the role of emcee.
Spice News Australia
My team had nothing but praise for your work and all that you did to make their job easier. Personally, they spoke so highly of your professionalism, communication skills, high energy and very powerful presentation skills. They said you were one of the best we have ever worked with...and since we have about 120 programs each year, that says a lot to me! You are clearly a unique, one-of-a-kind communicator!
John Samford, President Media West Events

Engage the dynamic team at Laura Schwartz Live for your next VIRTUAL event!

For information on services and fees, contact Ashley Brooks.