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Laura Schwartz is a motivational and high-energy speaker who delivers a custom experience for every audience. Since 2001, she has delivered empowering keynote presentations on stages around the world. Because of the extensive research she does in advance, Laura is able to seamlessly weave key messages and objectives through her presentations, making it relevant to any audience in any industry — whether it’s an intimate gathering of 30 or a crowd of 30,000.

Discover Laura’s Keynotes

Presentations that Keep audiences present

Laura’s keynote is a chance to present the audience with something different — a chance to re-imagine, re-energize, and re-engage with messages they can incorporate into their profession and personal lives. To ensure that her keynotes look like no other, Laura sought out and collaborated with an award-winning motion picture studio to produce her unique presentations.

A keynote for all cultures

Though Laura adapts her keynote to every audience, her message is universal. She uses the experience she’s gained traveling the world over 10 years with a U.S. president — and spending 19 years on her own at speaking engagements around the globe — to connect with audiences of all cultures, ages and industries. Her presentations have resonated with audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and beyond.

Laura Emcees ATT

Keeping things Social Even before happy hour

To keep audiences engaged before and during the event, Laura interacts with the crowd using the power of social media. She incorporates your event’s handles, hashtags and names leading up to, during and after the conference. Laura’s mission is always to be your biggest brand ambassador — and she’s committed to keeping the conversation going, on stage and off.

Laura’s talent and command of the audience, as well as a well-presented keynote address made the show for all in attendance! I would highly recommend Laura as a keynote and emcee. I am proud to have worked with her and will leverage the fact that I know her in every circle I can!
Kevin Johnston, Director of Events, Collinson Media and Connect Marketplace
Always engaging, always inspiring, and as she does with every one of her keynotes that I have had the pleasure of experiencing, delivered a powerful message...!
Michael Woody, VP Community Relations and Development at Visit San Antonio
Loved your energy and polish. But what I really liked was how you focused on the winner when they were speaking. You weren't surveying the room, you were eye-locked on the winner. Class act.
Richard Harper, Executive Vice President, Helmsbriscoe


  • Eat, Drink & Succeed - a signature seminar based on Laura’s book.

    Signature seminar based on the book

    Laura’s Eat, Drink & Succeed keynote grabs its audience’s attention. It’s motivational, humorous and engaging, but that’s not what makes it powerful. What makes it powerful is that it’s immediately actionable. For the audience, the new networking knowledge can be applied instantly to the conference or event at hand as well as carried back to their offices, shared with their colleagues, team members, clients, partners and put to work in their professional and personal communities.

    What’s unique about the Eat, Drink & Succeed keynote is that it is more than a series of anecdotes; it’s a compelling story that’s packed with networking tools and command of partnerships. Laura’s behind the scenes stories of the White House, DreamWorks, Oprah and beyond illustrate just how useful these skills are for the savvy professional, regardless of background, industry or career path.

    One key technique Laura employs is flipping the definition of networking around, empowering your audience to continue growing their networks and opportunities by adopting the mantra, “What can I do for you?” instead of the sometimes more negative mentality that asks, “What can you do for me?” She explains how positive, powerful networking involves mentoring and leading both inside and outside of the office, resulting in beneficial outcomes for all parties involved. She shares her techniques – including insider tips about the effective powers of preparation, introductions and engaging conversations with a message and follow-up among others. She provides attendees with the means to turn a brief meeting, break room conversation, power lunch or “optional” social occasion into a valuable opportunity for themselves, their company or industry association.

    Eat, Drink & Succeed motivates, engages, and most importantly, it drives action.


  • Lead First - a unique and dynamic approach to leadership, using inspiring stories from presidential history and today, your company’s foundation and its leaders past and present.

    A unique and dynamic approach to leadership,
    using inspiring stories from presidential history

    Laura’s Lead First Presentation addresses leadership in successful, turbulent and changing times for companies and associations. This presentation is unique and empowering as it incorporates more than 200 years of U.S. Presidents, First Ladies and their stories which have rarely, if ever, been shared before from deep behind the scenes of The White House. All anecdotes are non-partisan, interesting, relevant and relatable to your company or association and are accompanied by tips from leadership speaker Laura that attendees can immediately put into action in their personal or professional lives.

    As a witness on the front lines of climatic celebrations as well as moments of great gravity, determination and leadership, Laura achieved a rare perspective on the private and public moments of first families and global leaders.

    Laura shares valuable takeaways in this unforgettable program using inspiring stories and visuals from the earliest White House inhabitants, along with first-hand accounts of defining moments during the Clinton administration. She illustrates real solutions from the successes and failures in leadership that we all can use in our daily lives as we work with our customers and colleagues and share within our communities and families.

    Corporations, Associations, Women Leadership Summits (Internal and External). This program can be focused to C-Suite and adaptable to all levels for Corporate Leadership Teams, New Associates and at Company Retreats.

  • Customized programs - based on your key corporate initiatives, such as rebrands, product launches, customer-focused messaging, new alliances and goals. Laura will create a keynote to empower, educate and motivate your audience.

    Customized programs

    Laura always customizes her programs to your message and objectives, and she is known for her power of connection to the audience at hand … not simply just giving the same speech over and over again. In fact, Laura is always open to working with her partners like you to create original programming and to curate a keynote or creative plenary to deliver a message in which amplifies to reach your goals and objectives. Whether based on conference themes, a rebrand, new partnership or a corporate milestone – you name it – after an hour call with Laura she will transform your message into an incredible personal connection with your audience and deliver it from your stage!

  • Specialized Programs
    • Brief on the U.S. Politics and World Event
    • The Power of the Presidential Inauguration
    • Empowerment Through Service
    • Setting the Bar

    Empowerment through service

    A motivating address that shows how giving back plays a key role in the foundation for the success of an industry, organization or individual.

    The 19th century French social scientist Alexis de Tocqueville once stated that the defining characteristic of America is its commitment to service. In this moving keynote address, Laura puts a modern-day twist on de Tocqueville’s statement, showing how giving back today can make a difference in our world and in your organization.

    Setting the bar

    Exploring the lives of courageous women to inspire the women of today and tomorrow.

    This keynote covers the “bars” set by female leaders who have changed history and forged the professional community landscape that women excel in today. Laura takes the audience on a journey that explores the lives of notable women and those who “set their bars” around the world and across a variety of fields – such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Rosa Parks, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and others – to better understand how women today are shaped by the skills, strength and struggles of those who came before them.

    Laura allows the audience to recognize how they, too – as women who are leaders, mothers, spouses, sisters and friends – set the bar for themselves, their families and other women every day, whether or not they realize it.

    The message resonates with women of all ages in every stage of their careers and lives. Whether it is a corporation, industry association or non-profit, Laura will ensure her message relates to your audience. She can develop an even stronger connection with the audience by incorporating your organization’s own founders, leaders or other strong women your audience identifies with to demonstrate how they “set the bar.”

    The Power of the Presidential Inauguration

    The Presidential Inauguration. A rare look behind the scenes at an event so powerful it only happens once every four years!

    Laura captures all the ceremony, significance and power behind presidential inaugurations as she offers a look inside what it takes to make it all happen. From the first nail hammered into the U. S. Capitol platform, months before the election is even decided, to the last formal ball in the wee hours of the President’s first night in office, Laura
takes you there. This keynote gives a behind-the-scenes look at how 15 entities collaborate over 7 months to seamlessly make it all happen.
It explores the excitement, drama and even the occasional gaffes going on in the background that hopefully no one notices! This presentation is intriguing and delivers inside tips and techniques to make your next conference, event or meeting reach a presidential level.

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